Dan Gerous changes

No I'm not dead! I'm alive and kickin' but I'm currently re-thinking the vocation of this website. I've got some ideas mixing loose in the head so until it all settles down, this place will be put on hold. I still post a lot on my facebook page so make sure to follow me there.

To make sure the ideas are really shaken into my head, I'm about to start my cyclocross season up here in the province of Québec even though I haven't really trained this year, just riding when I could, mostly some commuting on a fixed gear but some nice riding on backcountry dirt roads as well. Last year I didn't race much with ABC Cycles & Sports but this year, I'll be doing every races starting with the Bromont CX the second weekend from now, all the way until I top it off with the Québec CX Championships.

I'll be racing under different colors this year though, I'll be racing (well trying my best and more importantly having some fun) in the glamorous colors of Cannondale... No I wont be Fontana, Fumic, Gujan, Juarez and Bishop's teammate, it's a local division, but it will be an honour nonetheless to wear the same kit as these guys.

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