Perfect weekend at the TTC

Haaa that was nice! I spent the weekend riding under the sun with a good friend, in the hilly Jay Peak, Sutton and Owl's Head triangle. I want more.

If you want to go explore that area with climbs, hilly roads, paved or dirt, no traffic, the TTC house is now available for rent. A weekend, five days, your choice... The nice luxurious house has three bedrooms, a big main living room, dining room, kitchen area with a spacious balcony and this view below.

The place is perfect for cyclists with a garage to keep your bikes safe and well tuned, the spa takes care of your legs after the ride and the owner can suggest some amazing routes of various lengths and difficulty to ride, including some of my favorites. Some mountain bike networks aren't far if you prefer or if you want to vary your riding during your stay. As options, you can also have a massotherapy service and/or a bike guide, maybe even me as a guest guide... A very nice place to relax off the bike, to just ride and enjoy the views, to ride very hard or have a training camp.

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