Oscarito schools Rabobank

I'm a big fan of Oscarito, Oscar 'the cat' Freire. Seeing him race so far this year, after Rabobank pushed him away because he was too old or something makes me smile a bit. Why? He keeps on winning races and is often seen in the thick of the action like during today's Amstel Gold Race where he attacked solo with 6km to go, probably to set Purito Rodriguez for the win*… but managed to hang on for 4th. Not bad for an old sprinter… in a race with a very steep finishing climb.

On the other hand, Rabobank replaced him with Mark Renshaw… Yeah, the guy known to head butt others and setup Cavendish in sprints. According to himself, he could be as good as Cavendish and according to Rabobank, better than Freire. So what has Renshaw done this year so far? Yep, nothing, nada, to the point we wonder if he has actually entered a race… unless you count his complaining and excuses as an accomplishement. Katusha 1, Rabobank 0.

*Turns out, Purito didn't feel all that great and told Oscar during the race... so it was a bold move to try to win. Chapeau!

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