I'm a Hooligan

After a bit over a year in the small town that is Sherbrooke, the Dan Gerous international headquarters will move back to Montreal. Because the UCI forced the city to repave the Camilien-Houde climb? No. That's because I'm out of work locally, I work for clients and partners that are mostly in Montreal. It will make things easier professionally. Sure small hilly country roads wont be in my backyard anymore but cycling is the only thing to do in Sherbrooke, not much else happening. So back to the city I go!

One thing I may not bring is the old singlespeeded F1000, it's been abused so it's time to retire it (or keep the frame for it's trade-in value?) and find a nice urban mobility bike. Thought about finding a used CX bike but, this little green bugger is tempting. Only issue, I haven't had much luck with disc brakes in winter, they tend to seize with the calcium...

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