Windy ride

I did a short ride yesterday, I didn't have much time and the cold and strong winds made a short 1H10 road ride. Today it was still as windy, as cold but not as grey and I had more time so I went for a longer ride on roads I had not tried before.

I found a few hard climbs and some nice roads although the first section from St-Denis-de-Brompton to Racine had a some fast traffic. Nothing too bad except right before Racine where there was no shoulder and a side wind so strong that it took some concentration to stay close to the side...

Then I turned on a small empty road that eventually turned into dirt but it was dry and packed so not too bad even with the SuperSix. There was some nice views there and a few little kicks. Also nice there was that it was surrounded by trees for the most part so wind wasn't as bad.

Then I turned again to head back toward Sherbrooke... this time with the wind in the back. Yes! Going solo, over 50km/h for long stretches without much effort was a nice reward. Good times!

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