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After suffering alone against the wind yesterday on a grey and cold ride, after staying up late watching a nice World Championship road race, I went for a nice ride with my friend Nic today. Owl's Head to Sutton, climbed as high as we could on what is the first col with hairpins I have seen in Quebec, then back to Owl's Head.

Congratulations to Thor Hushovd for earning the right to wear a rainbow jersey for a year (although it may get ruined by the ugly argyle look of Garmin next year). All the way until a few km to go, we still weren't sure if it would end with a sprint or not as Philippe Gilbert and Cadel Evans were very aggressive and active at the end of the race. They both showed they were probably the strongest of the day but, sometimes it's not the strongest that wins, the smartest, luckiest often have something to say.

Side notes from the race:

Cav was dropped as most expected. Likewise for pretty much the whole US team. Why do the US and Canada never have good teams? The best riders from both nations never bother to go race the World Championships. Odd... Another bad Lance leftover?

The Italian team was probably the best, strong, smart, putting men in the front when it mattered, Nibali was doing very good work for the team as well as Daniel Oss who almost pulled the 23 minute break back to himself. Unfortunatly, they were working for Pozzato who ruined their chances by doing nothing even when it was the time to do. In a small group, close to the end, when he had the most chances, he just sat there, not working at all to keep the group going until the end, it had the necessary horsepower. But no, he did nothing and they were caught. With fast sprinter like Freire, Allan Davis and Thor now back, why did Pippo raced as if he was working for a teamate that was behind? I'm not sure thes guys will turn themselves inside out for Pippo in the future, he may have lost the only chance he will ever have to become World Champion. Now go get laid at least...

In the group at the end, I would have thought Oscar Freire could win easily. Unfortunatly, when it looked like the small front group earlier could stay away and that the big spanish names all missed the move, the superstar trio of Sammy Sanchez, Luis Leon Sanchez and Freire had to do the work. They almost pulled the whole peloton by themselves. He was probably burnt by the end.

Good race though.

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