DIY Paris-Roubaix ride

Me and Nic, even under the menacing skies, decided to add new sections to a ride on roads we know pretty well. We ended up doing a very fun ride that might have been better done on CX bikes but it wasn't bad enough not to do it on our SuperSixes...

The ride was pretty much always climbing or descending and it was windy alright. We each did short pulls on the front pretty much until we got to Knowlton so the wind didn't wear us down too much.

The best part of the ride was the Mont-Echo road that goes from Knowlton to Sutton. It's beautiful, even under dark grey skies. That road is never flat which is a big plus in my book. The first part is on wonderfully smooth empty roads and it climbs through what I called the Beverly Hills of Knowlton. Huge houses planted on huge chunks of land with stunning views. The second part is quite the opposite. Roads so banged up that there is not one piece of asphalt bigger than one's fist, it was like riding pavés. Just when we got back on a smooth section, a bit before arriving in Sutton, we turned on a little dirt road, with the rain we had the last few days and up to this morning, it was a muddy mess. Yish, we didn't manage our nice road bikes today but they handled everything without crying. Plus following that with wet roads, they kind of got cleaned, no?

We finished the ride with the classic Scenic road followed by the Missisquoi road with the wind now in our back and burned our last cartridges climbing the Vale Perkins road. Very cool ride that could be made harder and longer by adding the Sutton Mountain climb and the VT105 up Jay... Hummm...

We've been talking about organizing a Roubaix-style cyclosportive in the area, scheduling it earlier than all the other events in Quebec... or after everything else. Kind of a hardman's cyclosportive to get ready for the road or mountain bike season or to end the season in style... There are sections in there that would be great nd we have other sections we'd like to include... Any interested promoter?

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