Whip it, whip it good!

Today, I went for a 152km road ride across the border to climb Smugglers' Notch with a few fast guys to hopefully suffer and whip myself back into shape. In the first few minutes, I was getting ready to do the ride solo. I had no power, I was dropped on the first climb. But as the ride progressed, I started to feel better, took my pulls but I was still not climbing like myself. Oh well, I know I'm not at 100% at all... And I did the whole ride with the group so mission accomplished. Thanks guys.

The Smugglers' Notch climb is pretty nice, nothing too bad (I think it averages at about 4% with sections up to around 13%), not too long (about 12km starting from the village) but the road surface is nice and the scenery is too. Plus you get some nice shade from the trees.

Climbing slowly wasn't the only first, I also got a flat in a nasty road section that was actually rougher than many mountain bike trails, my first flat of the year for sure, I don't even remember my last one, I think it's about two years ago.


TinDic said...

That is some sweet scenery!
Much nicer than MTL.

Carl Buchanan said...

Little bit of DEVO playing in your head?

Sounds like a good ride.

Dan Gerous said...

MTL? I almost forgot I used to ride there everyday...

Carl: sweet ride, the kind that makes you regret you started it at one point, that kicks you hard in the nuts but that lets you say 'Hell no I'm not quitting without a fight'. Fighting the good fight right? In the end, it was all smiles, it's one of those ride that makes you progress and feel good about really giving it a good effort.