Weekend rides

After too many weekends off the bike, it was time to get back into some training for this year's races that are mostly packed in the fall. I have the Sherboucle coming at the end of August, the Défi Vélo Mag road and mountain bike weekend at the end of September and I'd like to do as many cyclocross races as I can starting mid-September...

Saturday was a Prophet day.

So yesterday, me and Nic headed to Burke VT for some rooty and flowy mountain biking and ended up going pretty much at a fast race pace without stopping. That's until a few crashes slowed us down. Nic went over the bars three times, the last time was pretty hard and kind of slowed us afterwards. I eventually went over the bars too but in a funny way. I got stung by a bee in the calf/side of the knee and in a downhill, I was trying to snap the bee off of there but had to bend down and look to see where it was to do it properly... I was about to hit the little sucker with my hand when my front wheel hit something and went down fast and hard, the bee still stuck in my skin. I crushed it, pulled it out, stood up, got on the bike and went again.

The legs are getting better and better, even with the bruises and bees.

I was still riding pretty well, legs were good and I wasn't bothered by the crash. Only a few scratches, pumps and a big red bump from the bee's venom. We actually did two long loops to simulate a long distance marathon race and did it in a good time. I even had the bonus to get a racy girl swearing at me when I passed her and her friend on a climb, after enjoying the view from behind, I punched the accelerator and took off (I was there for training, not looking at girls butts). She later explained to me she thought it was her friend passing her...

This morning though, I was a bit stiff in the shoulder and have a bit of a pain in the ribs. I also noticed a big bump crushed into my helmet so I guess I crashed harder than I first thought. So I decided to go for an easy road ride to just spin the legs and stretch my aching body.

I should have known better though. I ended up doing about 100km of hilly roads at a pretty fast pace. I always have a hard time going easy unless I ride with someone who also goes easy. But if I can keep the trainings going, it should be good for the upcoming races.

It's been a month now since my move to Sherbrooke and I'm pretty happy about it. I like the calm of the smaller city but I really enjoy being able to get to nice backcountry roads or trails in about 5-10 minutes riding from my place. This week I saw foxes, beavers, racoons, skunks, deers... Some more alive than others. The Kindom Trails in Vermont are about an hour away, I have the Jay Peak road climbs not far away but plenty of nice places to ride right from my place. It was a good move...

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