Pre-what? I never pre-ride race courses but today I wanted to do a road ride but didn't want to go too far to do so (mostly because I wanted to sleep a bit this morning and it was supposed to rain in the afternoon). With the Sherboucle road race next week, I decided to go ride the course.

This is a hilly ride, the climbs are not too hard but some are still power-sapping and rythme-snapping. Other than that, you have to watch out for the potholes in the first and last few km. Oh and there is a bridge under construction so they built a temporary wooden bridge and a dirt/gravel road to get to it. Nothing too bad but in a peloton, better watch out, especially if it's raining as the dirt is a type that would get pretty messy... Cyclocrossers wont mind. Other than that, roads are nice but mostly in open fields so wind will be a factor. I was riding solo today and the wind was hurting a lot in some sections. I started slowly, from my place and didn't go crazy hard, taking some climbs very easily. I finished with an average of 30.5km/h, alone in the wind. In a peloton, going hard, it should be a fast paced race.

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