Imitate or die

Specialized are good, the best... at imitating, copying, stealing other companies ideas and suing smaller ones until they either close or are forced to give their innovation to the Microsoft of the bike industry, then trying to let everyone think they actually came up with it.

Above is an ad that found it's way into my inbox. There are clearer pictures of the bike out there but it's a ridiculously close copy of the Mike Giant Bahati SuperSix, this one is for Tour de France Champion Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck had one too earlier during the Tour... They have just no shame and/or self-respect (not Alberto and Andy, Specialized). But they have done worst like the Notubes rim technology rip-off (is that legal case getting somewhere?) and the case against Fox...

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Cam Smart said...

Amen to that. Getting tired of the big S.