I'm alive

Sorry for being slower to post stuff, I've been very busy with a new job (and by the number of hours we did last week, I guess my arrival was more than welcomed), some Sherbrooke-Montreal trips to take care of a few things and some limited time to post and even ride bikes... I did ride my bike but not a lot.

Last week, I explored the small roads south of Sherbrooke, went by Coaticook and I got cooked! Days are very hot, that ride was a 95km solo through open fields and the wind was turned up to 10 that day. I bonked hard, cramped and used the small ring much more than I usually do on the way back...

Yesterday was better but shorter, I went exploring north-west from Sherbrooke and gave it a good steady effort and it felt much better than the previous ride.

And today, after I got back from Montreal, I went exploring some trails I remembered from when I was a kid... Well, they are still there and pretty nice too, all at about 3 minutes from my house. Yippee! I like Sherbrooke!

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