Racing the rain

I did a short ride today. Not sure if it was going to rain or not, I headed into the woods in Rougemont for cover, first time on these usually nice trails this year but they were a mess. Lots of branches in the way and trees blocking the trails, most of them looking like they were put there on purpose. Since the official word is no mountain biking, I guess it's going to get worst overtime. It's a shame, they were very fun trails.

The place was very wet with the remaining snow still melting slowly. Big puddles, high streams... I decided to get out of the woods and get some climbing on the rocky service road up the mountain. A nice 2km rocky climb with a 12% average and pitches hitting 27%. Not too bad, I didn't even use the 36t cog with the single 32t ring. But when I got to the top...

I flipped the lever to open the rear shock's platform and headed back down, fully wet from all the streams and puddles, only to get to my car 30 seconds before the rain started.

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