Muddy, cruel Giro

Today's Giro stage was quite spectacular and brought some drama and surprises. Half of the Liquigas team crashed but before the feared mud sectors, bringing it's captains on the ground, losing a chunk of time and chasing hard on the muddy roads. Nibali looks pissed (it's understandable) and Basso determined (which is one of his qualities, he wont throw in the towel until the end of the Giro).

A very strong and aggressive Vino took back the Maglia Rosa with a comfortable lead but Evans was magnificent today, showing he might be 'the man' in this Giro. As an ex mountain bike World Cup champion, he was never into trouble in the mud and when Vino attacked, he had no problems staying with him. He went for the win and some more time to win the hardest stage so far. Chapeau on a nice win!

The race is not over though unless you are Carlos Sastre (he will probably go just for stages now) and the Liquigas boys could come back. They have the strongest team (Vino lost some key teamates, pissed off some others in the TTT and Evans, as usual, as no team support when it matters), their two leaders at least seemed to work together after their crash. Vino admits he might suffer in the mountains so if Basso and Nibali can work together and the team uses better tactics than they showed last year, they could still be pretty dangerous. Basso is also getting into shape as the race goes, I'll watch for him in the third week. But... Evans looks like a winner if you ask me.

I love the Giro! How boring will the Tour be after that?

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