Fumic's Flash

Here are nice pictures from Kevin of Manuel Fumic's Cannondale Flash he rode at Houffalize (and check this thread for other pro bikes from the race). While it may appear close to a stock Flash Ultimate, looking closer reveals a few interesting differences, not only with the parts used but the frame itself.

The paint is a little bit different, apparently using less to save weight but they are also on a new, lighter carbon layup. So if you thought the Flash was crazy light, this one is even lighter. Under 900 grams if rumors are true.

While stock mountain Hollowgram SL cranks use a 132mm spindle, the CFR team are using a 122mm spindle. How can they even fit it? My 128 spindle is already close. The 122 spindle has no shoulder to sit against the non-driveside of the bottom bracket, they use spacers on each sides so they can align things as they want. And looking at the picture, I think they may use a different XX spider that moves the rings further out to allow them to clear the chainstay. The end of the arms are also machined so they don't hit the chainstays too.

And again, that new 100mm Lefty SL PBR with the SRAM Xloc remote.

The stem is a Leonardi Racing that allows the bar to be positioned lower than with a Cannondale stem. It's shape clears the Lefty clamp then goes down a bit more.

The bie was fitted with the carbon spoked Crossmax Ultimate in it's UST version (they don't have as much choice of tires with the tubular version below).

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Jonas l said...

Really nice post. :D Interesting reading about the frame and crankset. Those clincherwheels looks really nice, like Paulissens in Beijing