One of the best time trial, unless you are doing it, the Kronplatz uphill time trial is back in this year's Giro. It's steep, it's hard, the last part is on dirt/gravel and has sections hitting 24%. As if the steepness wasn't hard enough, you also have to be careful to not lose traction on the loose surface. Mountain bike skills might be handy.

It's one of the only race where pro roadies use compact cranks and big cassettes, Alberto Contador used a 34x28 low gear last time. Franco Pellizotti won the stage last time it was in the Giro, will he win again? He, along with World Champion Cadel Evans, Mr. Giro Gilberto Simoni and Michele Scarponi went to check the course today.


Guillaume Morin said...

I think that this climb http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/photos/races10/giro10/giro10st15-profilezonco.jpg is even harder than Kronplatz. Sustained gradiant of 14,9% on 5,9 kms !

Dan Gerous said...

Zoncolan... it's not an easy one either. It will be a hard Giro.

Johnny said...

Contador actually had a 34x30:

Yes, it will be a good Giro!

Dan Gerous said...

It looks like Pellizotti wont be there though. It might actually be better for Liquigas, they often have too many team co-leaders, if everyone works for one leader, now Basso, they might be able to help him better.