It's about time

After breaking two Eggbeater pedals in the last month or so, I was about to ditch them and switch all my bikes to Time Atac XS pedals, screw the added weight, at least they last more than a season but still provide float, easy clip in and out as well as good performance in mud and snow. Original Eggbeaters were so-so durable but late models were really fragile, often had some rattling and play even when new and let's be honest here, Crank Brothers are not know for making anything durable and reliable.

But Crank Brothers just introduced a lot of new products: seatposts, stems, bars and improved pedals. The new pedals finally leave the crappy inboard bushings and now get two bearings, the pedal's inside is sealed so no more need to rebuild them every season. The new spindles also have a much cleaner shape with less kinks and edges and improves in strength. Old Ti spindles particularly were wearing out from the bushing friction, very fast if they were not cleaned and greased often. With bearings and no way for dirt and water to get in, they should finally get closer to other pedals in terms of durability and maintenance requirements. If the wings and springs could not break, we'd be in buisness!

Also noticing many people (those who don't like float) building up the size of the sides of the Eggbeaters with tape, glue, glue with sand and whatever else, they now alos have rubber sleeves in different sizes to do the same thing, I'd be the one skipping that part as I even dremel shoe soles so I get the maximum float with the least resistance possible... They also have new Premium Brass Race cleats that are some 8gr lighter but without the side to side adjustability of the regular Premium cleats.

All in all, a good upgrade from Crank Brothers, I still don't care about any of their stuff other than Eggbeaters though.


Batas said...

Great improvements, to bad they did nothing about the premature wing play...

Slonie said...

I was looking for a photo of a pro that had modified their Eggbeaters... Found this:


Krazy Glue and sand!

Dan Gerous said...

Batas, I read somewhere that they actually did improve the wing play problem some have with this update by tightening manufacturing tolerences... Time will tell though.