Sun, dirt roads and one pedal

Yesterday was cold but still a beautiful sunny day. So me and Nic headed out on our cross bikes for a fun dirt road loop with plenty of up and down. I was in a recovery week so the plan was just to enjoy the ride, nothing crazy.

We did about 2h15 but unfortunatly, after about 30 minutes into the ride, my left foot felt loose, I thought I just wasn't clipped properly so I pulled my foot out with no effort at all, tried to clip back in without success only to notice I was the victim of yet another broken Eggbeater pedal... They work great but as with everything Crank Brothers make, durability and reliability are no priorities when they design products.

In this case, it's the actual spring of a Eggbeater SL that broke in two so the two pedal wings are now rattling loose relative to each other and obviously can't hold the cleat. I did the rest of the ride only able to push down gently on what was now the world's worst platform pedal and my shoe kept slipping, sometimes completely off the pedal on the many bumps and when accelerating without being too careful... If I can't get these warrantied, I'll probably toss them and try Time Atac pedals, heavy but much tougher and longer lasting while still being able to deal with some mud and provide float...

Even with this setback, cold feet and frozen bottles, we had a good time and it was a nice little ride. I'm actually grateful the pedal broke on a recovery ride rather than a race or a more important hard training.


simon said...

Hi Dan.

Great blog. Just out of curiosity (you seem well-informed?) what is next from C-dale? A Rize replacement or a completely redesigned Scalpel? I have a Prophet, and like it, but what should be the next thing to strive for?

Take care,
simon, Denmark

Dan Gerous said...

Only one line of bikes I know for sure will be redesigned but there should be more than that... I have two snippers on the roofs around my house so news will come at a later date but I can talk about guesses from my part.

If the RZ 120 or 140 are changed, I would expect it to be quite minimal. Hardtails are all new so they should remain pretty much unchanged, Scalpels are defenitly a possibility but I haven't heard anything on it yet...