Spring rides

I don't know about you but here, we've been blessed with some mighty fine weather lately. It's been warm and sunnny on most days in the last few weeks. It's a very welcomed change as my motivation tank to pedal inside is running very low at this time of the year. I hit the Montreal ProTour course for a few laps once and last saturday, after filling a bottle of anti-freeze windsheild washer, I went with my good friend Nic to do my first Jay road loop of the season.

The roads are still dusty and dirty from the winter and look like a very dirtry t-shirt with dried sweat spots with the salty residues here and there. So no, I didn't take my SuperSix yet (more on that below), I rode my cross bike that I haven't washed after the last cross race before winter so I like to think it has a brown layer of protection against salt.

I haven't pushed too hard but still gave the rides a good effort and I'm glad to see, the legs are pretty good for this time of the year. So I guess the lower volume but higher quality training of the winter was indeed a step up from last year, I remember really suffering in early march last year, especially on the 12km long Jay climb, while now I can climb quite well and drive a fast pace on the flats, the cadence work I did may help here.

Speaking of my SuperSix, the parts swap is almost done. I know some of you have asked me for up to date pictures but my camera is currently in vacation in Europe so it will have to wait a little bit more.

The Scalpel too is almost done, I even swapped the Lefty even though it wasn't planned. When I changed the handlebar (goodbye old school narrow flat bar, hello wide low riser!), I decided to reset the bearings which were way past due but they felt very rough... I'm guessing the muddy and wet rides and races of last year did some damage so I took it off to get it serviced and put my old Lefty Fox Terralogic in the meantime.

Now that Lefty, if it wasn't for it's weight, would be my favorite. I never think about flipping lock-out levers so I don't use it much, I usually adjust suspensions so they give a good performance overall, on rough and smooth trails. The auto-locking of the Terralogic works surprisingly well, I can set it to be super plush and smooth but I can still hammer out of the saddle and it wont bounce around. Since I dropped some weight by going with a 1x10 XX transmission, maybe gaining back the weight in the fork is worth it... And having a more limited gear range, I may pedal out of the saddle more often now but with the benefit of very good bump eating abilities for faster downhills, where my new 680mm wide bar might also be welcomed. Maybe my spare Lefty will become the primary one...


Jonas l said...

feel sorry for your cross. But nice to see how the weather and roads are in your country. Here in Sweden they look the same but I use long mudguards in the winter. :) Riding an Cannondale Bad Boy Disc without washing it since december it's pretty ugly too now but working great.

Exciting about to see your bikes now, what have you changed on the SuperSIX? Weight?

Dan Gerous said...

I haven't ridden the cross bike this winter, only took it out two weeks ago for it's first ride of the season. But I guess I owe him a good cleaning... I only use my F1000 during the true winter, rear mudguard, single speed but the BB is now dead, so is the rear brake, they put so much calcium on the roads and streets here it eats everything made of metal. I was shocked to see 15+ year old Volvos that looked almost new in Norway when I went there, here, a 10 year old car is usually pretty rusted and good for the dump.

The SuperSix has different wheels, cassette, saddle, seatpost, chainrings, bar tape... pedals... am I missing something? I haven't put it on a scale but it should be right on the UCI legal weight limit. I'll detail the specs in a post when I can shoot nice pictures.

Pete said...

haven't washed my scalpel since iceman. it still has a brittle layer of sand down the midline from stem to stern.

it's nice having an extra lefty laying around :) i've got 2 lefty terralogics in the family. i recently built up an F3000 with it and my old XT/X9 drivetrain. thinking about throwing 2011 XO on it once it goes 2x10 (2x10 X7 just got leaked http://singletrack.competitor.com/2010/03/gear-and-tech/tech-update-sram-adds-another-2x10-group-to-the-mix_6781).