Follow the leaders

It was a dirty Milan - San Remo this year. Pretty much everyone looked like mine workers after a too long day and showing suffering in their eyes. Only Oscar Freire looked happy when he crossed the line after close to 300km. No wonder, the spanish sprint ace won the race for a third time pretty much like he always does: hiding throughout the race only to appear in the last km, without team support and surprise all the top favorites. Liquigas were the strongest team so Freire tucked himself right behind them and used Daniele Bennati as a perfect lead out. Gotta love this guy!

It seems the weather in Italy was a sign of things to come for me. It's easy to get used to the nice weather we had the last few weeks but reality caught back and it looks like the rain, the snow and the cold are back in town. On the positive side, it falls right during my recovery week.

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