ProTour in Québec

For those who didn't know, there will be two ProTour races in North America this year, both of them in Canada, both in the french speaking Province of Quebec. One race will be held on Septemeber 10th in the province's capital, Quebec City and the other will be about 5 minutes away from my house in Montreal on September 12th.

The Montreal course is very similar to the now defunct Women's Montreal World Cup course of the past few years, it's a course I regularly train on in the summer and the main climb, Camilien-Houde is well known to every serious local cyclists. It's not that hard of a climb, quite short at around 1.8km long with an average of around 7-8% but it's the best we have and not a bad testing ground. The Côte de la Polytechnique has steeper pitches but is even shorter.

If the city doesn't repave certain sections, there might be a certain spring classic flavor. There are no pavé sections but typical road conditions here might be just as harsh with lots of cracks, potholes, few inches deep sewers... Better be attentive, especially in a tight peloton.

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