Picture of the day

I'm not a fan of sprint races/stages, at least as a spectator. They seem to get interesting only in the last few kilometres, before that, they look like a training group ride, just wake me up at 5 to go. I know there is more to it but I can't help it. Maybe it's because I'm more a climber myself, but I much prefer mountainous, hilly races or the more aggressive and dramatic racing that keeps us on the edge like in the spring classics.

But, when it does get into a sprint like the first two stages of the Mallorca Challenge that's currently going on in Spain, I love it when the guy who wins does so without a sprint train. And who better to sneak into the front of a sprint on their own than the winners so far, Robbie McEwen and Oscar Freire? They both showed to the younger guys they can still foil other teams plans, no trains needed. The triple World Champion is probably my favorite sprinter...

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