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Interesting results yesterday in Roubaix. Nothing shocking to see Štybar win again and take the World Cup overall lead with Albert finishing far with a broken rib... But Vervecken 4th and Wellens 5th, are the old guys back to form to peak just in time for the World Championships? Vervecken sure has shown he can in the past and Wellens is getting back to his former self slowly but surely after being forced off the bike. Nys finished 3rd, not so good for his standards but nothing to be concerned about, he usually can rebound just fine. North Americans suffered, flats, stolen wheels, lapped... Hopefully their luck will change with Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers on the start line next week.

The women's race was also interesting. Newly crowned Czech Champion Katerina Nash took here first ever World Cup win. Like Vervecken and Wellens, in second place was a slowly coming back to form Hanka Kupfernagel, back at being one of the favorite for the Worlds just in time. Marianne Vos took third and Van Den Brand's fourth was enough to take the World Cup overall as, sadly, Katie Compton didn't start with her moody legs.

I like where this is going. At the start of the season, it would have been easy to predict Albert and Compton would win as they seemed to easily dominate but now so close to the World Championships, there has never been as many candidates that could potentially win. I think it will be a great race to follow in Tabor.

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Carl Buchanan said...

I agree. The World Championships seems to be getting harder to predict every week. Makes for some great racing.