Picture of the day

Cannondale Factory Team rider Marco Aurelio Fontana isn't only a mountain biker, he's not bad a cyclocrosser too and today, he stole the Italian Champion title back from former Liquigas and mutliple time Italian Champ Enrico Franzoi. It may have surprised some but not me, it's not his first tricolor cross jersey and last year, doing more cross races than now, was often seen at the front, rubbing elbows with Nys, Albert, Stybar and company.

Other national champions this weekend: Sven Nys again (Albert was a distant 9th), Zdeněk Štybar was a given, Francis Mourey once again in France but the most surprising to me: Lars Boom defended is largely unused red, white and blue dutch kit...

Notable women's Champions: Daphny Van Den Brand beats Marianne Vos, Hanka Kupfernagel a millionth time, Sanne Cant in Belgium and Katerina Nash is Czech champion. Next important jerseys/skinsuits: Worlds!


Guillaume Morin said...

Where is his right arm ? :S

Dan Gerous said...

It's Martin Deschamps brother!