Picture of the day

You might have missed that Lars Boom was back on a cross bike but you can't be blamed, he wasn't racing with the big boys and even without the world's current fastest racers, he still finished a distant 22nd in his home country. It's not really a surprise as his plans are for later on the road with the spring classics but he plans to defend his national title this weekend. Yes, it's National Cyclocross Championship days in most of Europe this weekend.


jeroen_koning@hotmail.com said...

Just want to let you know that Lars defended his National title with grace and took it again!

Jeroen Koning
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dan Gerous said...

I saw that, if he really wanted too, he could probably take the World Champion title back, huge talent, lots of horsepower!

At the same time, it will be interesting to see him in the spring classics...

By the way, I miss Amsterdam, one of the best cities I have ever visited.