Picture of the day

The Quebec cross season has been over for a long time, now the US season is pretty much done so there is only one thing left as far as racing is concerned: cross in Europe! It's a great season so far with the top three big names all having ups and downs. It started with Niels Albert dominating as Nys used to do but Štybar has upped his game, Pauwels is getting closer to the front and mr. cross himself, Sven Nys is more unpredictable than years past. It makes for some interesting races to follow and it will be nice to see how the boys in green will do over there.

The picture above comes from cyclephotos.co.uk which always have some very nice pictures from the european cross races including some behind the scene once in a while, be sure to pay a visit regularly..


Carl Buchanan said...

The races leading up to Worlds should be some great racing. Tons of talent crossing the pond and racing against some more huge talent. It's going to be awesome.

jannik said...

very nice picture with just the perfect amont of flash

cool blog m8 thx