Springs dont belong on the road

It may be no secret now to the regulars that I will finally have a proper road bike next season. Choosing a bike was easy, pedals, not as much as I have always been using mountain bike pedals on or off the road but I want the more solid connection of using road shoes and road pedals so this missile of a bike accelerates and powers uphill faster than it takes just to intend to.

After looking at all the different options, I think I will go with the new Time I-Clic pedals. Sure the carbon rod that replaces the traditional spring is trick and the trigger that keeps the pedal open until you clip in makes it interesting, but Time's float, good and easily walkable cleats and Time's reputation for durability and zero maintenance sealed the deal... Now, will they be available at my LBS when my bike shows up?


andy Chatterton said...

I have struggled with the same question, but found that road cleats just don't stand up off the bike. I am going back to crank brothers Candy for road and egg beater for off road. Tried the mavic road pedals this season but cleats were crap.

Dan Gerous said...

Yeah I have heard the Mavic cleats melt away in no time. One of the factor that steered me toward the Times, the cleats have the reputation of being durable. But, I don't intend to do much walking anyway,