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I'm still riding my bikes but with the days getting shorter, it's getting colder and training has stopped for a few weeks now. Today was my first ride (not counting the short commutes) since the Cowansville CX race two weeks ago, it sure felt good! There will be other rides before the year is over but most of it is now behind. Looking back, it's been a great season. First road, marathons and cyclocross races, a cycling trip over the pond, discovery of new trails, new roads and a great trail network project got started.

Any special mentions? Well yes, some moments stick out. One of the greatest ride of the year was climbing the Col du Tourmalet. Not only is the climb nice but hard, it had spectacular views and you could almost smell the history. But the whole trip to France was one of the highlights of the season... and of my cycling life. Great roads, a great test for the legs, beautiful, I want to go back!

After trying a few racing disciplines, I have to say, cyclocross is the coolest type of racing. Very hard, a good balance of power, brute force, will, cardio, handling and technique. I still have a lot to learn but it may become the discipline I'll try to focus on, building my season toward being fast for fall and using mountain bike races as training for it.

A particular moment during a race that sticks to my mind and makes me smile is during the Sherboucle. Sure I missed the front group at the start and the wind meant we would never see it again as a whole but the first road event I did was special, riding at high speeds in a group, chasing, pulling. It was surprisingly fun. But even more precisely, with around 15km to go. when, following a sharp corner, I found myself alone in front of the group I had been with all day and saw that it took a while for them to come back, my decision to get on the gas and leave them behind proved to be the right thing to do at the right time. I bridge to a guy, asked him if he wanted to work to get away, and away we went, picking and droppin remnants of the front group. Sure we finished far from the winners but still, it was a thrilling, fast and fun 15km.

Road riding had not been my idea of fun before this year, the trip to the Pyrénées and the two road events I did changed my view on it. No longer is it just a part of training, I actually enjoy road riding now (as long as it's not in the city where roads are crappy, full of stop signs and red lights, crazy car drivers and dangerously behaving cyclists). It's very different, covering lots of milage without even putting a foot on the ground, going fast, it puts you in a very trance like mood.

All in all, I love cycling. The machine and the sport. Riding with friends, alone, with groups, racing, training, fun rides with no other goals than have fun on whatever surface... It clears the head, it tunes the body, it truly is a beautiful sport. I can't wait to live the highlights of the next seasons!

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electric said...

Can't say that I got to ride as much as I wanted this year and now it's already daylight savings time, argh... which reminds me that it is almost time to break out the studded tires.

A plus side about winter commutes is that I won't have to listen to what those crazy drivers are shouting - takes time and effort to roll down a window when it's cold out!