Old tires, new life

Many people wonder what to do with their old tires when they are worn out or punctured beyond repairable. I got my idea that I will eventually post about but through the Italian Cycling Journal blog, I found a company called Jiro Belt that turns old road tires into very cool belts to keep your pants up when you're off the bike. Available from a discreet Schwalbe black to some red, yellow and what not colors Michelin, Continental, Vittoria and other brands of road tires have. Very nice and good for the environment.

They will also have keychains following the same idea eventually. Christmas gift ideas anyone?

Of course, the belts wouldn't work too well with mountain bike or cyclocross tires unless you wear clown pants... My idea will be able to use all kinds of tires so people don't just throw them in the garbage...


Rainer Beihofer said...

same with tubes:

keep on posting. love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I want a keychain!