The last and first ride

Guillaume and me taking a pause at the top.

Today, Nic, Guillaume and I wanted to take advantage of the unusually warm November temperature and go ride the nice climb up Jay road, just south of the border. We never know past mid-November, each ride might be the last before winter arrives so we went as if it was the last, enjoying it as much as we could. That meant that, for today, the light rain was okay.

I brought the CCM but opted to ride the Cannondale...

The loop covers two countries!

For me, it was also the first 'longer than a commute' ride of my 2010 training, a mix of tempo, resistance, miles eating and enjoyement. Enjoyement is always the easiest goal to meet but it's alright as it's also the most important.

Heading to the climb after I got lectured by the US Customs man.

We had a good pace, but not fast enough to stop our conversation.

Moments before I upped the tempo to finish the climb solo.

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