Picture of the day

After the first day of the Toronto International Cyclocross, the Cannondale/cyclocrossworld.com team picked up where they left off last weekend, Tim Johnson taking the win in front of Jamey Driscoll. Today should see the leading north american cyclocross team battle for the podium again, maybe even a 1-2-3... In the Czech Republic, round 2 of the World Cup will see the battle of the world's best.

Back in Canada, I'll be racing too in Cowansville for the Cyclocross Québec Cup final. I'm seeing it as a final test and learning occasion before next week's Québec Cyclocross Championships in Sherbrooke... No pressure, just have fun and try a new warm-up routine (I typically start to feel good and pick some speed after 20-30 minutes of racing, I need to improve my warm-ups) and hope my right knee doesn't bother me too much.


Old Man Dave said...

What's up with your Knee Dan

Dan Gerous said...

Actually, it's not the knee itself, it's the upper calf muscle, not sure exactly what is wrong but it hurts when I use it hard, the closer I am to a full leg extension, the worst it is. It was getting better but after today's race, it needs a bit of love, running up stairs and run-ups during a 60 minute race left it a bit painful... But race was fun and another week and it's my off-season.

Dan Gerous said...

Scratch that, it's more behind the knee... Muscle? Ligament?