2009 is over

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Racing is over for me for this year. Sadly, the season didn't end as I would have liked. I had today's Quebec CX Champs race planned with high hopes but wednesday afternoon, my body decided the season had been long enough. Thursday, I was sick as a horse, aches everywhere, headaches, less energy than a 106 years old lady, dizzy as soon as I stood up, a flu badder than if it would have been played by Samuel L Jackson... H1N1 anyone?

I slept all day thursday, again on friday, started to slowly feel better saturday but still spent most of it not moving too much and got better today but, the damage was done: I was weak and stuck in Montreal. So it turns out I DNS the races I wanted to do the most this year, the races I was building up for: the Mont Sainte-Anne XC (I liked the course and I had succesfully built up to be in the best shape I have been all year, missed the race for professional and technical reasons) and today's Quebec CX Champs (definitly not at my best with a bad leg but I was enthusiastic and just wanted to throw everything at it, with more experience and better training, I could be a good crosseur, I could be better at cx than xc I think... but then, the flu from hell). I didn't podium once this year to beat my best from last year (a 3rd place) and the whole season couldn't have came out further from what I had planned. I say this as both a bad thing and a good one.

I missed some goals, missed some races but it seems like what defines my 2009 season is that the whole season was spent adapting, adjusting to the constant changes of plans. That's an okay thing in my book and it lead to the positives. In switching focus, often at the last minute, I pretty much shot myself in the foot for high placings by racing when I was far from my peaks and doing events I never even trained for or even intended to try this year. This all lead me to learn new things, exprience different sides of racing bikes, meet different people and discover some skills, strengths and enjoyable things I didn't expect.

My racing season was like life. You try to plan things, fix goals, try to do your best while enjoying it all but you can't control everything, you get sick, you get new challenges, things can go bad but they can also turn out good, you just adapt, deal with it and in most cases, you end up going further in the long run with more knowledge, more skills, more stories to tell. So looking back at 2009, I'd still rate the year as a success.

Stay tuned for my season highlights and 2010 plans, if anything, this year just left me hungry for more.


Sandblogger said...

You hit the nail on the head.
Sounds alot like my past 2 years. Injury, sickness, and lack of maotivation mix in with brilliant moments, last minute changes, new experiences, and alot of life.

It's been alot more fun than my '07 season, when everything just fell into place. I cannot say I really learned anything then...

electric said...

Long live two thousand and nine!