The road to 2010

Even though I have one race left this season, I'm already thinking about 2010. I was planning to mostly do xc races this year again but then add cyclocross in the fall but thanks to Nic, I also tried road and endurance mountain bike events. Thanks Nic.

I never was a big road rider, mostly seeing it as a way to train and get in shape when I couldn't make it to trails but this is probably due to living in the dead center of a big city, where roads are in bad shape, traffic is dense and you can't pedal three strokes without having a red light or a stop sign. Spending a week on Basque and Pyrénéan roads in the spring changed my mind about road riding. Trying road races, cyclosportives was also a lot of fun and I think I want to do more of that next season. More races but also go back to Europe once again, maybe trying to time the trip with an event there. When I saw Masini's post about L'Étape du Tour, it got me thinking...

So I'm still just juggling at this point but I think I'll do a few XC races (just the fun ones), maybe some endurance mountain bike races again (but not the Raid Vélo Mag that's for sure), more road events here and one in Europe and again, end the season with cyclocross. Some dates are already marked but I'll sit down and plan more specifically after next sunday's last race and some weeks of just riding as it comes, just for fun when and where I feel like it.


Nic said...

That's a good plan!

We will enjoy the variety of races again in 2010. I'm happy i have help you discover the different events. Thanks to you for the training tips all year round. I'll try to do better again this winter! you'll have to come do indoor training at TTC ( Thifo Training Center ) and come snowboarding also. Later buddy!

Dan Gerous said...

We'll both aim to do better. I'll be doing a different off-season this winter and I may start cross-country skiing.