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The World Championships are going on right now and canadian junior rider Antoine Caron will bring back more souvenirs than he was hoping for. The course is pretty technical, Crocodile Dundee might have helped design the rugged course so an on form Geoff Kabush might have a serious shot for a medal and it might help explain why the german champion skipped the most important race of the year.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I'm on vacation for a few weeks so I ride more than I write. Just a quick update about recent events... I got another 5th place at the Coeurs Vaillants XC race. I was probably still in the marathon mode because I started way too slow and conservatively, from the back of the pack on top of that. After a lap, I started to put the pressure on and the passings. Usually these races are very short, last year it was 15km in about an hour. This time, it was about 30km and I finished in about 1H50, clocking pretty even times on the last laps. I probably could have done better if I would have started faster but I had fun. Then last week was my first road race, I finished 88th, not so good but it was still a very positive experience. The report is coming.

The following day, we did some terrain exploration with the VVM heads. We found some great future trails, work should start early next season and we're pretty excited.

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