Me, my Scalpel and my camera

For my 500th post, I thought I'd post about my afternoon ride. Sunny, just warm enough, legs felt good so here we go, today's loop in pictures, lots of pictures.

Just to warm up, a few minutes of climbing on that fireroad.

Then you head into the woods for some sweet singletracks. Most are filled with rocks and roots and this first uphill section lets you know what's on the day's menu.

That's the first climb to be steepish, we're halfway up, looking down, the bridge in the distance gives an idea... And yes, the rocks are pretty loose but it's quite easy. From where the picture was taken, the trail turns...

And cross a little stream and has a nice steep little kick to finish it up.

Then it gets smooth and flatter to recover before the next section...

The Jedi section is a fast smooth twisty part, done on the big ring and a big grin.

A few steps to drop, a stream to cross then a small climb and it's pedals to the floor.

A few easy obstacles along the way, here crossing a log pile with one hand handling the camera, shaky.

But it's mainly pretty smooth then back uphill.

The roots and rocks are back soon enough though, not that I complain, this is typical Quebec terrain.

Going back down, still in the fast mindset of the Jedi section. After the corner...

It keeps going down...

From below looking back.

Then it's back in the rocks for a while, followed by a twisty section until you end up on a wider and smoother section.

Another loose climb.

Even though the trails are not officially open to mountain biking, the land owners I met greeted me with smiles and hellos. To my surprise, a lot of work has been done, some half-assed built sections have been closed...

Bridges have been built over mud holes that were getting bigger and bigger from riders trying to go around it.

More rocks, more roots, more fun.

Some nice fences to protect the lake's fragile shore.

After a long smooth and fast section, it's again into the rocks and roots.

A nice natural jump for when not riding a 20lbs XC FS bike...

After more rocks and roots for a few minutes, a long climb with loose little rocks then smooth dirt...

A short kick up then it's into a nice trail full of switchbacks, always up or down.

Tricky corner from above, it's a sharp uphill turn and picking the line through the roots (it may look like the easy way is around the roots then up the roots at 90° but it's loose and really steeper than the camera shows, it's an almost sure fail) with just the right speed, smoothness and momentum is key.

I surprised myself doing it first try, my friend Steakface would be proud. Then it's up the big rock and a few more uphills, twists and it flattens...

To go down again, that's midway down, looking up.

Down down down until you turn back up, with a new option added to the tree crossing.

Up up up.

Then back down...

Between the trees.

Looking back...

And it continues.

A bit further down, still looking back.

Looking back again.

Down then a 180° leading to...

A climb on the side of the hill. Then it goes down again to get back into a smooth trail that climbs for a while.

Only to go down soon after.

Another new bridge with a log ramp down.

Going up...

Back on a part we did from that side, now we climb it but it's not steep.

More of the same...

Yup, but we're getting closer to the end of the loop.

This gets pretty deep in the spring.

Loose rocks.

Last rocky section. Then it's back to the trail head. There I put the camera back in the car as well as the glasses since it was getting dark under the trees and went for another lap. This time, no stops for pictures, bigger gear, more into the red as I did the whole thing again at race pace. I finished just in time, happy and hungry.

The place from the distance.

And back in Montreal.

Cheers for another 500 future posts!


electric said...

Well done! There is nice light in that forest.

Though in the second last picture are you on the other side of the road or what?


Dan Gerous said...

Oups! And I thought there was lots of idiots driving on the wrong side of the road... ;) Actually, that's the 'bretelle' to get onto the highway...

Mister T. said...

Congrats with the 500 posts! Keep up the terrif work!
And stop posting pictures like that... makes me wanna stop working immediately and hit some trails (which are here in Flanders, Belgium not quite as nice as yours...)

Kevin B said...

how long was that loop? very nice. makes me want to head east for Worlds next year even more.

Dan Gerous said...

It's about a 9.4km loop.

Carl Buchanan said...

Sweet looking trail and a sweet post!!!