VVM chat, tune-ups and ride

This saturday, I, along with the VVM Cycling Club president and a member of the ADSVMQ (Quebec's wing of IMBA), will be at the Mansonville Multicultural Festival. We'll be there to present our mountain bike trail network project, discuss all of our plans to use cycling to help bring new life, new energy and a new local economy boost along with getting kids on bikes, organize group and training rides and many other things. We will also give free bike tune-ups and adjustments, share bike related tips and of course, have a good time. Look for the VVM and ADSVMQ tent. That's saturday August 8th in Mansonville, Quebec.

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On sunday, we're going for a mountain bike ride, we have a few options as far as where we'll go, weather may be the deciding factor but again, you are welcome to join us. It may be in Vermont so Quebecers, dont forget your passports. See you this weekend.


BigJay said...

If Dan Gerous is there, i'm sure i'll be there then! Can't wait! Will there be a bunch of Cannondale bikes to stare and drool over?

Dan Gerous said...

See you then BigJay! There will be at least two Cannondales on display... Maybe I should bring some towels to wipe off the drool.

Nic said...

What a great event it was! thanks to Dan and big Jay for the bike clinics with the kids! You have put smiles on the kids faces. That is also the idea behind the project!

Dan Gerous said...

BigJay wrenched more than I did, I was more of a bike problem diagnoser. It was great to see the kids on their bikes, I think they're really going to enjoy the future pumptrack... and the older cyclists getting interested in the project, and lusting on the bikes we had on display. :)