Back at it

While I'm stuck at work with no view through a window, for way too long hours throughout the week, I know about the outside temperatures through online weather forcasts and friends facebook status. And it looks like it may be warm and dry enough to keep the Racing Ralphs on the bike to race this coming sunday.

While the Raid Extrème Bras du Nord wasn't originally planned (I don't even know where it is in the province), I'll give endurance racing another go. All the work has really cut into my riding/training time and I'm more tired than I should be in a pre-race week but, I'll do it without too much pressure, have fun on the bike, do what I can and finish the race. While the conditions wont be as hard on the bike as the last race I did, I put some sintered compound brake pads this time so I should be able to brake all race long.

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