Picture of the day

Roel Paulissen enjoying (or is he?) the soothing action of the mud on his skin... some pay for that! Two days to go before the 77km Raid Vélo Mag. I think I may have a free mud treatment of my own too.

Today and tomorrow will see only easy spins to and from work, lots of water drinking, pasta eating, Scalpel checking and hopefully Rocket Ron installing. I hit the road tomorrow afternoon, meet T-bar in Trois-Rivières and take the road to Québec with him. He has one endurance race in the bag, he did pretty well, it will be my first but we're both hoping to have a good race and have fun.


electric said...

Maybe I'm a wet rag for saying this but, mountain bikers get beaten over the head about how they ruin trails and it is precisely images like this that other trail users use against us.

For us in Canada it's not so bad, we have lots of wilderness, though the complaints/whining are getting worse... maybe that is my experience only.

Maybe i'm just dealing the cards i was dealt here, but I fear that every time pictures like this go around some sierra club nut is going "see see see!" I told you we should ban them! Yes d.g. it's just mud and I know that really no permanent damage is being done... but I feel like much of the fun in the mud has been lost.

See... wet rag! hahaha!

Dan Gerous said...

Pffff, tree hugging hippies don't have computers, much less internets!

Kidding, I see your point but I sure hope they give the 4x4 and motor-powered hobbyists the same treatment. A Jeep not only pollutes a lot with gas and oil, the typical 4x4 rednecks will push trees down, dig huge ruts that leave permanent damage and often bring beer and other stuff that they leave on site before coming back and keep the destruction going. Motocrosses and ATV are not as bad but still are 50 times worse than mountain bikers who are usually not leaving anything behind and do very little damages, temporary most of the time, compared to most other land users. It's the motor rednecks that got us banned from cycling at Rougemont. Hell, even bears and Caribous often do more damage than mountain bikers, maybe they should be banned too...

Those who oppose mountain bike access often have weird senses of priorities, they're sometimes the same ones that will protest for animal rights when human beings are left to suffer on the streets... And politicians jump in because it's so easy and cheap to ban cyclists to get self-called environementalists votes, or just to get them to shut up for a while.