Yellow feet?

Looking at shoes lately... I have tried a few different models and brands over the years and I have yet to found some that my feet are happy with. Some are okay for a while but can't be tolerated after an hour and a half. I might go for the overly yellow Mavic Fury that are apparently as confortable as your favorite old pair of slippers in a package that's among the lightest and stiffest. Can't say I like the color but, my feet are colorblind... and they would match my cross bike: dirty yellow!

While I'm in the area and mentioning Mavic, you might wonder what happened with the pedal line-up they were talking about a year ago. Well, they are starting to appear in shop catalogs so IM guessing they'll probably finally come out sooner or later as 2010 models. Replacable sealed bearings, not too heavy, retaining bars à la Time, we'll see if they're any good eventually. I'm not close to take the Eggbeaters off my bikes though.

Pedals are a component no products on the market is close enough to perfect. Eggbeaters are the closest in my opinion, they work very well and are light with a nice float but they are not the most durable, their Achille heels. Other pedals either weigh a ton and/or don't work well. The Look Quartz looked promising but they haven't lived up to the hype at all, fragile, crappy adjustment with shims to dial in their feel, slop or seizing bearings, a lot of unhappy customers. Another big name in the game might help everyone step it up a bit.


cyclingforhealth said...

just drop by to say yr blog is way cool..my wife and i will be reading =)

Are you a professional rider?

Dan Gerous said...

Thanks! Although I wish I could live off of riding bikes, I'm unfortunatly very far from being a pro.

Carl Buchanan said...

I like the looks of the Mavic shoes. Wouldn't mind trying them out myself.