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They were rumored to be built only for the Olympics and then destroyed, but the carbon spoked Mavic wheels are still being used by a few World Cup racers. The Cannondale Factory Racing team are still racing their tubular versions with four carbon 'stiffening rings' in the rims, this year with custom Schwalbe Racing Ralphs (still my favorite fast yet grippy do-it-all tires by the way). Mavic either made many of these wheels and are providing teams with them... or the wheels are proving to be much more durable than even the french wheel giant initially thought. Will they eventually be released? No clue, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some of it's technology appear on future wheels, spokes or lighter alloy rims with carbon strands... or maybe carbon rims after all. Look at their new 950gr road wheels they are releasing just in time for the Giro.

Check out the full gallery of Roel Paulissen's tasty bike.

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Dino said...

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They do look very sweet!!