First race of the year coming up

Saturday morning, this overpriced shop filled pedestrian street in the heart of the Mont Tremblant village should be turned into a short punchy climb, the last uphill of the Mont Tremblant Quebec/Canada Cup xc race course... unless they change the course this year.

Even though I'm far from being race ready, I decided to enter the race as my first of the year. The goal here is to get a race under my belt in preparation for later in the summer. Call it a C-priority race, a training race or whatever, it will probably end up the same: I should suffer and be far from the front end but I'm okay with that and will try to have some fun. I may have a few friends showing support (if you hear some loud, beer smelling "Pédale maudit fif!", that will probably be them). If by some miraculous twist of fate I end up winning or if I come in dead last, I'll celebrate for the rest of the day anyway as I'll have turned one year older the day before. Maybe I'll get to spray some champagne...

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vlad said...

Good luck