Ergon GX2 review

A few weeks back, or is this months? Anyway, I posted about the year's upgrades and now's the time to follow up with the first review about the new stuff, starting with what was the most obvious change the second I got on the Scalpel this year. Here goes, my Ergon GX2 quick review.

While some upgrades such as lighter wheels and more powerful brakes can definitly be noticed, the contact points between a rider and his steed are felt at pretty much all time throughout a ride. Feet, hands and butt are important parts to keep happy when you ride a bike (well, off the bike too I guess, but you get my point) and the longer the rides, the more important it is. My butt is very happy on it's Italian saddle, my feet are just so-so with Italy and now, I can say the Germans made my hands sehr happy!

It doesn't take long to notice how much confort the Ergon grips provide, in fact, I decided to try a pair after only grabbing a pair for a few seconds. Unlike standard grips where you feel like you are holding or leaning on just a tube with some rubber/foam/leather padding that's shaped just because it's the way it has been for ages, Ergon grips feel instantly as if they were actually designed for your hands. You feel very connected to the bike yet very relaxed. You would expect an ergonomically designed grip to be great in one hand position only but I often ride with my hands holding the bar by the ends, with the end caps almost on the inside of my hands, probably just to change the position. On the Ergons, it gives me a wider platform to lean on and that would be true even if they didn't have bar-ends. Speaking of which, I haven't ridden with bar-ends for years until just now (am I too much a fashion victim or a trendy cyclist?) and they are very nice to have in my opinion, they provide different hand positions but a really good one to pull hard for sprints or hard climbs when you are out of easy gears or just want to keep the momentum of a bigger gear going. On the racier GX collection, Ergon uses a different rubber and it's a lovely one, it's thinner but harder, it doesn't feel mushy but the shape and the slight flex of the wing still make round grips feel like something's just wrong.

Anything bad about them? Not really, they are heavy but I think that everything they have to offer far outweighs the weight penalty. I think the only thing bad I could say about them is the packaging. It's nicely designed, allows you to really try the grip in a shop but it makes a big package for just a pair of grips, lots of plastic, cardboard, even bolts... Thankfully, you can recycle it or better yet, I have found some nice second life uses for the plastic parts: cabinet handles or Ergon branded toilet paper holder! I just need to stick a ring on the end of the handlebar part so the roll stays on and make a mount (out of some other bulky packaging) to space the whole thing away from the wall/cabinet. Coincidentally, the bathroom in my new apartment is a nice Ergon green!

Overall, two happy thumbs way up.

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jay said...

I just ordered a set of GX1s. I really wish Ergon would design these so the bar end could be on or off on the same grips. Because sometimes I'd like to ride w/ the bar ends, and sometimes not. I'll be happy when Ergon works that out.