Houffalize World Cup live

This coming weekend, you can follow the Houffalize XCO World Cup live, right here on dan.gerous.net... The women and men's races will be on sunday, at 10H45 and 14h30 local Belgium time, that's 4H45 AM and 8H30 AM eastern daylight's saving time.

I'm posting this just for you guys, I wont watch the races unfortunatly. With my imminent moving and the associated cleaning, painting, fixing, boxing and the rest, my training is sadly on the back burner these days, I try to do the week's longest rides on saturdays but I can't this week so I'll probably ride sunday instead. I try to squeeze some short trainings on weeknights but it's proving to be difficult these days... I haven't even finished rebuilding my Scalpel for the season yet!

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