On track with one month to go

That's the look of someone who doesn't know yet but has a non-working front derailleur... stuck in the big ring... and in about three to five minutes, he will be riding up a long dirt road climb that's pretty steep with a part reaching a 15.1% gradient... No walking.

Yes that's me yesterday as I was preparing for part deux of a training ride with the President... Pretty good ride, the 100% big ring was perfect for the plan of the day: ride/climb hard, attack, be aggressive, I'm quite pleased with how it went. Maybe not having the choice to ride on the big ring, getting chased by nasty dogs or trying to test myself against a rider that's strong as a spitting bull all contributed to motivate me to ride hard... Whatever it is, I'm getting there to hopefully be ready for the first races in about a month. We got lucky and had nice temperatures, some sun even though we were supposed to get some rain and finished off with a beer in the spa... Now that's training in fine style! After some hard training comes the well deserved rest and recovery, that's the plan for the coming week...

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