Easter training, take 2

With a nice sun on friday, I decided to hop onto the cyclocross bike and do a short hilly training ride on various surfaces: pavement, gravel, dirt. After about 45-50 minutes of semi-aggressive riding, I noticed the rear tire felt a bit too wobbly... A slow leak. And I didn't brought anything to fix a flat, stupid I know, I'm too used to ride tubeless setups so flats are a very rare thing. I had to stop at a bike shop to top off the tire on my way home then managed to ride all the way home.

So Saturday I really needed to ride. I was going for a mountain bike ride but an unplanned lunch with my parents who were in town left me with too little time to drive out of the city... So after putting a new tube and tire on the cross bike, I went for more of the same, try to hit the most climbs possible nearby, did parts of the Montreal Women's World Cup road loop, some little climbs around it, the dirt road on Mont-Royal...

I really have not slept enough lately and I didn't feel too energized before I started. As I went though, I felt okay. I even managed to have some little uphill races with some roadies, I was closing long gaps on windy straights, did some attacks, out of the saddle... a little bit of everything and I was going not bad at all, surprising given I have let myself go lately with the training. I'm not up to the level I'd like to be but I could be much worse. But with races approaching, I should try to be more consistent (could be getting harder with an imminent moving), maybe look for group rides in the area to force myself to push it harder, longer... Anybody knows of non-snob group road rides in Montreal?


electric said...

Non-snob roadie, isn't that an oxymoron? Those guys don't pay $$ for a bit of kit/image just to say "hi" to somebody who is dropping them while on his lowly cx bike!

Pshaw, sir. One should have the good sense to stay within his/her cycling caste, have you no sense of manners or decency!


Dan Gerous said...

Mountain or cross group rides then? :)

Boomka said...

I really relate to something you said, if I feel like I've saved up too much energy during the day, I can't sleep. I liek feeling spent, exhausted. That is when I sleep best.