Crank Bros. Lefty wheels

I'm all in favor of having more options so, while I would never buy the Crank Brothers wheels (not light, expensive, so-so rear hubs and quite ugly on top of it), some might want the funky wheels on their Lefty equipped bikes... Well, here they come, also available in a slightly less dorky silver.


Carl Buchanan said...

I'm all for more options too and I am sure that they will sell plenty of these wheels but, they are not my thing either. It is cool to see companies trying out different ways of building items such as wheels though. I can only imagine how it will all progress into the future of their wheels.

StupidBike said...

They are just as light as the Crossmax SLR and XTR Wheel set. And just as bomb proof.

I know the stns wheel is lighter, but even at 149 I ding Crossmax Rims and I like the fact that they don't go out of true.

That and I could care less how something looks, so long as it works.