Different bike, same result

Geoff Kabush might be riding a different bike this year, but he showed the motor is still the same and won his first race of the year, Fontana's US Cup XC, just as he was winning most North American races in past years. Hopefully, he'll join teamate Marie-Hèlène Prémont and focus on World caliber races more than US races, that's where he is in his progression I think.


Carl Buchanan said...

That's proving that when you are good, you are good.

Dan Gerous said...

True, a fast and good rider will still be fast and good on almost any bike, some bikes give you an edge though.

Speaking of bikes that give an edge, did you ride your new mountain bike yet Carl?

Carl Buchanan said...

Have not ridden the Scalpel yet. I decided to do a little work to the Lefty and took it all apart. Hopefully I can have it ready to roll in the next day or so.