Upgrade season?

Winter is perfect for doing bike maintenance, good clean-ups (in season clean-up for me mostly consists of cleaning the chain and gears) and make those little upgrades... My Scalpel's Lefty is getting a service as we speak to have it ready and smooth by the time snow melts, I'll be installing some new bearings in the BB along with a crank spider to shorten the chainline by a mm or so (I'm hoping this year's training will result in spending more time on the big ring) and a few non-critical (as in not really needed but the bike geek in me wants it bad) but oh so sweet upgrades.

A new saddle to highlight the frame's white front end is already installed. My butt asked me for another SLR for my cross bike, found a deal on a white one and it looks better on the Scalpel so the cross bike gets the black one. I may get new brakes too... I can't find anything to complain about the Formula Oro Puros to justify the sweet, black and red lightweight champions that are the new Formula R1 so let's just say I don't like the Puros rotten gold color... they don't match... What? A guy's bike is like a girl's shoes right? So, who wants the Puros?


OilcanRacer said...

ok so what is the deal?

are these out yet?

can i get some for my new white jet9 build?

Dan Gerous said...

I get mine through 'underground sources'... ;)

But I think they will be more readily available by mid to late March... I have seen reports on weightweenies.starbike.com forums that they are available through some european online shops now though.

Carl Buchanan said...

The "unneeded upgrades" are always tge best upgrades, or at least they are my favorite type.

Sandblogger said...

Being Mr. Cannondale I figured you'd want to check out the comments below this post...JB on a 'Dale?