Saturday solo winter ride

Let's see... A good night of sleep: check. Breakfast: check. Coffee: check. Outside it's sunny with low winds and a temperature around -15C. Screw the trainer today, I'm going riding outside. I was aiming to do about 3H00 of zone 2 riding. The cold and winter darkness had me lasting 2H45 with an average right into zone 2 but being on a single gear, on slushy streets with low pressure in studded tires and having lots of traffic lights to deal with, I was riding harder than zone 2 in many sections. It still was a good training though.

I would have like to post pictures of my bike after the ride but I only have the before shots, my camera's battery only lasts a few shots, at -15, it's lifespan is even shorter. The bike was a beauty when I stopped, grey snow accumulations were very sculptury under the down tube, around the BB and the rims were transformed into aero deep dish, the cassette (I have a cassette and derailleur but I don't touch the shifter from the first snow until well into spring) was under a smooth and thick snow cone. I'm guessing the bike was a few kg heavier...

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