To me from me

Time to retire the 6 years old G4 that sounds like a turbo jet and that can barely launch softwares I work with... I should be posting from a brand new MacBook Pro in a few days. Let's call it my early Christmas present from myself.

I had a long week and felt a bit tired due to long work hours and some harder riding than planned because of all the snow we had so I moved today's 3H30 training to tomorrow and didn't touch a bike today, opting to sleep late, doing not much and basically just enjoying being lazy at home. You may have noticed the light graphic update of the site and the addition of the Twitter gadget but most importantly, my tentative 2009 race schedule is now posted.

A few things worth noting: two double race weekends and the Mont Sainte-Anne Quebec Cup will be on the same week-end as the World Cup this year, that means the pit area will be more interesting to spy and I'll maybe ride by some of the world's best as they prepare for their races and study the course... I can't wait to put a number plate on my bike again...


Masini said...

Nice upgrade! That look so sweet. I'm waiting for the new iMac to launch in January... enjoy it.

Dan Gerous said...

Had no choice, got a little graphic design contract to do that I just can't on my current machine... but it pays for the new one!